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Supporting babies who struggle to 

support themselves

In partnership with Duke Children’s and their Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care Units, we ask that you make a pledge for every birdie, eagle (counts as 2 birdies), albatross (counts as 3 birdies), and hole in one (counts as 4 birdies) that the Duke Women’s Golf Team makes over the 2017-18 year in our tournaments. All money will go directly to these units at Duke Children’s. 

In the Fall of 2017 we had 191 birdies and 1 eagle (193 birdie equivalents). In the Spring, we anticipate approximately 300 birdie equivalents. You can choose to donate for the full year by checking both the fall and spring season or give for part of the year by checking fall or spring. The top donor will receive a Duke Golf bag, the second highest donor will get a Duke Headcover, and the third highest will receive a Duke Golf hat. 
Ties will be determined by a drawing. 

Please make your pledge by filling out the form below.

All who pledge will receive an autographed photo of the Duke Women’s Golf Team. 

Pledgers will receive updates on the team's progress after each tournament and an invoice for your pledge payment at the conclusion of the season. 

Thank you for supporting Duke Children's and Duke Women's Golf. 

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